ARC Team

Thanks for your interest in joining my Advance Review Copy Team! As an elite member, you’ll receive free books before they’re released in exchange for honest Amazon reviews. This means that you’ll be able to influence other readers with your opinions during the critical first weeks of a book launch.

Because I strive to produce high quality books, I need high quality reviewers, so there are just a few rules:

• If you’re busy and unable to post your reviews, then just let me know! I get that real life happens, and that’s okay. If I don’t hear from you, though, I will remove you from the list to prevent you from receiving unwanted emails.

• Reviews must be posted within two weeks of book release.

• If you feel a book deserves less than three stars, please contact me via email. I work hard to write these stories, and prefer that serious criticism be discussed over private communication.

• Please do not share advance review copies with anyone. I make my living from writing and selling these books and am trusting you with my unreleased content. If you know someone who would like to receive free stories, just refer them to me!

Sound good? Email me at if you’re interested!