Brother Wolves Series

The Marks family is one of the most powerful in all of Stelline City—and now it's time for the brothers to find their fated mates. Billionaires, best friends and enemies, and other surprising shifters turn up in these tales of love.

Alpha Wolf: Jason (#1)


Wulfbrin Series

Enter an intense, action-packed world with secret agents, runaway omegas, rebel wolves, and paranormal experiments. In the midst of it all, alphas and omegas manage to find love and happiness.

An Omega on the Run (#1)

An Alpha on a Mission (#2)


Shifters of Stell Series

Beautiful Stelline City is the jewel of the territory and home to all kinds of shifters, from wolves to dragons. But not all shifters are open to M/M/M relationships—except the ones in these steamy stories.

Runaway Omega: Harley (#1)


Treasured Ink Series

Five best friends—all alpha dragon shifters—open a tattoo shop to practice their passion. When their fated mates start appearing left and right, and a shady organization threatens mythical shifters all over the city, what will they do?

Alpha Dragon: Taran (#1)

Alpha Dragon: Nyve (#2)

Alpha Dragon: Bronaz (#3)

Alpha Dragon: Sako (#4)

Alpha Dragon: Varos (#5)

Bound by the Fang copy

Black River Pack Series

The Black River Pack is besieged on all sides by enemy packs, and in the midst of it all, romance blossoms and babies are born. Will the Black River Pack be victorious, and can its wolves have the life and families they want?

Bound by the Fang (#1)

Bound by the Claw (#2)

Bound by the Alpha (#3)

Bound by the Pack (#4)


Star Crossed Shifters Series

Join a lost band of aliens searching for a new home after their planet is destroyed by the terrifying Conquest. When they crash land in the small town of Roston, Texas, they meet the local wolves—and tension rises.

Interstellar Alpha (#1)

Alien Alpha's Baby (#2)

Outer Space Omega (#3)


Dragons of Lake City Series

The dragons of Lake City are wealthy, powerful creatures... But no amount of money can buy romance. When they stumble upon their fated mates, can they come out of their shell and build the life and family they've always dreamed of?

A Baby for the Dragon (#1)

Detective for the Dragon (#2)

Pregnant for the Dragon (#3)

Fated for the Dragon (#4)


Mount Liberty Pack Series

Enter a world where omegas are threatened by domineering alphas and must fight tooth and nail to build lives free of tyranny. Can they trust the seemingly good alphas they find—and will they be able to raise children in a new, free world?

Auctioned Omega (#1)

Secret Omega (#2)


Alphas' Fated Mates Series

Discover the world of shifters hidden among humans and how they find love. Young professional in the city, rock stars, and other colorful characters populate this classic shifter mpreg series.

Alpha's Soulmate (#1)

Alpha's Secret Baby (#2)

Alpha's Discovery (#3)

Alpha's Surprise Baby (#4)


Wolff College Omegas Series

Young alphas and omegas in a special shifter college find their fated mates while studying for exams and dealing with other student troubles. This lighthearted series features new adult angst and some "knotty" scenes.

Omega's First Kiss (#1)

Omega's Heartbreak (#2)

Omega's Courage (#3)

Omega's Passion (#4)


Ridge City Pup Pack Series

Enter the cutthroat world of the dog shifters of Ridge City. Between defending their territory in turf wars and enjoying various kinky pursuits, these dogs manage to find love.

The Pack Master's Submissive (#1)

The Pack Master's Omega (#2)


Standalone Titles

Each of these stories stands alone, but still provides the action, sweetness, and steaminess you can count on from Kellan. Don't miss out on these gems.

You've Been Knotty

The Dragon's Omega

The Demon of Lust